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Podcast FAQs

  • Is the episode live or recorded?
    It’s recorded. The recording allows me to edit if needed and make you sound great!
  • What is the air date?
    It is the date the episode will air on all of the podcast applications. I schedule the air date to allow you to invite family, friends, fans, etc to listen.
  • When do we record the episode?
    We can record the episode on your schedule, at least 1 week prior to your air date. It will require abut 45 minutes of your time. Please contact me by text at (517) 599-5308 with a record date that works for you. I am available 24/7 M-S
  • Do I need to be properly dressed for the recording?
    No. But I do use a program called Riverside.FM that allows us to see each other, BUT…is only recording the audio for the podcast. I use this because it’s casual and comfortable for conversational purposes.
  • So, all I need to do is answer questions and talk about myself?
    YES, I do everything else. You just tell everyone that will listen that you are the special guest on the podcast!
  • How can I reach others on social media to let them know?
    After the recording and before the air date, you will receive a media promo that you should post everywhere. The media promo will include your photo, date of the episode and you will look like a super-star! If you have not already, listen to my podcasts that are all available free at
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